The excitement of having a backyard swimming pool may begin to fade after a few years. To make the pool more enjoyable, tackle a few projects to update your pool. Friends, family, and neighbors will enjoy coming over to swim when you make improvements to this area.

Update Your Pool With Automation

Automation helps takes the work out of swimming pool maintenance. Plus, automating upkeep can save energy. With modern technology, you can use apps and “smart” devices to manage your regular pool maintenance. There is equipment available to control the filtration system, pool lighting, and heating unit from your smartphone. If you’re planning to sell your home, this update adds value to your home and makes it more appealing to prospective buyers.

Add a Gazebo

A gazebo provides a place to relax in the shade by the water. These structures enhance your outdoor living experience and make it possible for you to spend quality time with your family and friends, outside of your home. The gazebo might be large enough for a dining table or bar. It can easily be converted into a room that can be enjoyed year-round by adding curtains or screens.

Install a New Liner to Update Your Pool

Your pool liner covers the interior walls and floor of your pool. Over time, the liner can show signs of aging and wear-and-tear, making the pool look old and dirty. Update your pool with a new liner to prevent leaks and make the water look clean and clear. Because pool liners are available in different colors, patterns, and thicknesses, you can also change the appearance of your pool completely by changing the liner.

Improve the Space With Lighting

If you enjoy pool parties and hosting guests, make your poolside more festive by adding lights. Lights boost safety and change the appearance of your outdoor living spaces. Choose lights that are waterproof and designed for use in a pool area. If you’re hanging string lights in the gazebo, read the label. Check the tags to see if the lights are designed for outdoor use.

LED lighting is a great choice because it’s inexpensive and energy-efficient. Install LED stake lights to illuminate the pathway from the house to the pool. LEDs are also available that can be installed underwater. These change colors and some offer strobing effects. If you have landscaping around your pool, add lighting to draw attention to a fountain or accent plants.

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