Thermal imaging is a modern technology that can be used in home inspections. An infrared camera displays temperature variations that cannot be detected with a standard, visual inspection. The use of an infrared camera is non-invasive and allows a home inspector to provide more in-depth data about the property. Let’s look at some of the uses of thermal imaging in home inspections.

Thermal Imaging Offers a More Thorough Inspection

A thermal camera displays the heat signatures of areas and items throughout the home. The inspector looks for unusual variations in temperatures as signs of a problem or safety concern. By looking at the temperature that an area generates, your inspector can detect things like electrical hotspots, energy efficiency issues, and water leaks.

Thermal Imaging in Home Inspections Can Locate Electrical Hotspots

When your electrical system is functioning as it should, it shouldn’t overheat. If there is an area emitting more heat than others, this suggests that there is a safety concern in the home. Electrical hotspots will display as warmer areas on an infrared camera. Electrical issues should be assessed by a professional as soon as possible because problems in the electrical system can lead to a house fire.

Locate Areas of Energy Inefficiency

The insulation in the attic and the seals around windows and doors play significant roles in the energy efficiency of a home. Drafts near doors, air leaks around windows, and missing or damaged insulation make the HVAC system work harder and increase power bills. By using thermal imaging, inspectors can detect drafts and locate areas of insufficient insulation.

Water Issues Can be Detected With Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging can be used to help an inspector detect possible water leaks. Areas in walls or ceiling that display a different color than their surroundings may be from moisture. Water damage requires costly repairs and leads to mold growth, but the source is often difficult to detect. Thermal imaging can make this process easier.

Thermal Imaging in Home Inspections

While not all inspectors use this technology, it is a good idea to select a home inspector who has infrared capabilities. Thermal imaging offers another way of examining the property. Infrared cameras are excellent tools used to find issues that may be missed with a visual inspection.

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