When someone has placed an offer on your home, you are one step closer to finalizing the real estate transaction. During the process, a potential buyer will often order a professional home inspection before moving forward with the closing. Learn how to best prepare for a home inspection so that the process will go as smoothly as possible.

Prepare For a Home Inspection in Advance

Generally, the buyer, the buyer’s agent, and the inspector are the only people present during a home inspection. Plan to be away from the house during the inspection. When the seller is present, the buyer has a more difficult time seeing themselves in the property. The buyer should feel free to ask questions and express any concerns to the home inspector.

Before the inspection, make sure everything is well-prepared so there are no troubles during the assessment. Prepare for a home inspection by making sure all areas of the home are unobstructed and easy to access. Cleaning the home and taking care of maintenance tasks in advance is also recommended.

Give Access to All Areas

If the inspector cannot access a feature or an area because it is locked or obstructed by large objects, he or she will not be able to inspect it. The buyer wants a complete report and they may ask to schedule another time for the inspector to come back if some places are not accessible.

This only prolongs the process and aggravates all parties involved. It is in your best interest as the seller to keep the transaction moving. Making sure all areas of your home are accessible is an important way to prepare for a home inspection.

Perform Routine Maintenance

Your home looks well-cared for when the inspector reports that routine maintenance tasks have been completed. This includes changing the HVAC filter, testing the smoke detector batteries, cleaning the gutters, and replacing any dead light bulbs. A few simple home maintenance tasks will better prepare you for a home inspection.

Have Paperwork Available to Prepare for a Home Inspection

If you have made repairs and upgrades to your home or have ordered a maintenance service, share this documentation with the inspector and buyer. With evidence that the roof was just replaced last year, your inspection report will show your home in a better light and the buyer will have more confidence moving forward with the purchase.

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