A regular housecleaning routine helps homeowners stay on top of keeping a tidy home. However, there are areas that are often overlooked. Spend some time tackling these forgotten places that need to be cleaned.

The Dryer Vent is One of the Places That Need to be Cleaned

You clean the lint trap each time you dry a load of clothes. However, you should also clean the dryer vent every 30-90 days. The combination of heat from the appliance and dryer lint can lead to a fire. Remove the vent pipe and use your vacuum cleaner attachments to suction dirt, lint, and debris from the vent. The clothes dryer will run more efficiently and you’ll reduce the risk of a house fire.

Vacuum Beneath the Fridge

Your refrigerator keeps food cool but generates heat in the process. This appliance has coils on the back or underneath that allow heat to dissipate. When the coils become covered in dust, dirt, and pet hair, they cannot function as intended. It may be necessary to pull your refrigerator away from the wall or remove the vent in front to access the coils. Dust them with a microfiber cloth or use the vacuum with attachments to remove the build-up of dirt and pet fur on the coils.

Dust the Baseboard Molding

Most homeowners dust on a regular schedule, removing accumulated dirt from bookshelves, end tables, cabinets, and electronics. A place that is frequently overlooked while cleaning is the baseboard molding. This is the trim that is installed at the base of the wall where it meets the floor. This trim is decorative. but serves to hide any uneven edges of flooring and helps protect the walls from damage. The molding also collects dust. An easy trick to clean the baseboards involves an unused bottle brush, designed for scrubbing water bottles and other tall containers. Stretch an old sock over the brush and use this tool to remove dust from the molding. If it’s been a while since you cleaned the baseboards, use a spray cleaner to dampen the tool before you get to work.

Ceiling Fans are Places That Need to be Cleaned

Ceiling fans help improve energy-efficiency by circulating temperature-controlled air in your home. If not cleaned frequently, they also accumulate and circulate dust, affecting indoor air quality. Clean the blades on the ceiling fans throughout your home. To keep dust and dirt off the floor, use a pillowcase to wipe the blades. Use a step ladder to reach the fan. Slip the pillowcase over your fan blade and, holding the ends, slide it off the blade, trapping dust inside.

Remove dust from the globes with a glass cleaner and wipe down the housing that contains the motor. Keeping the housing clean reduces wear and tear on the ceiling fan’s motor by removing the dust that can affect its operation.

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