When you move from one house to another, it can be exciting but also stressful. If you have to worry about moving in harsh weather, you might feel even more overwhelmed. When planning to relocate to a new home, pack well in advance and plan ahead. If you’re moving in winter, here are a few helpful tips so you can prepare for a seamless transition to your new home.

Turn the Utilities On When Moving in Winter

In the hustle and bustle of planning your winter moving day, confirm that the utilities are transferred and set up at your new home. When the power is on before your moving day, you will be able to arrive at a warm and comfortable house.

Transport Temperature-Sensitive Items in Your Car

If you are driving your own vehicle, keep everything irreplaceable, temperature-sensitive, fragile, or sentimental in your car. Things like medication and electronics can be damaged in freezing temperatures, and the back of many moving trucks is not heated. When you are packing your car, include anything you will need for the first night in your new home. You’re likely to be exhausted after the move and having everything in one spot will make your evening easier.

Minimize Damage to the Floors

Hardwood flooring, linoleum, and ceramic tile flooring can be scratched and stained from ice treatment chemicals and road salt. On the morning of your winter move, place old towels or canvas tarps over the floors in your home. This will protect the flooring and make sure that no damage is done by the movers or your family as you walk in and out.

Check the Weather When Moving in Winter

In the winter, the weather forecast can change dramatically from one day to the next, especially if snow is predicted. Check the forecast for your moving day so you’ll know what to expect. Talk with the moving company to make a plan for snow or icy weather. If you are moving a long distance, check the weather along your route and make a plan in case conditions become harsh.

Clear Off Walkways and the Driveway

Even if you are working with trained professionals, moving day can be dangerous. On the morning of your move, make time to thoroughly clear the driveway, walkways, and steps around your house. Use ice melt to prevent ice from forming if temperatures will drop throughout the day. It’s a good idea to pack your shovel and salt in a convenient place so that you can easily access them once you arrive at your new home, just in case you need to repeat the same process upon arrival.

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