Home security is often ignored until it’s too late. According to the Department of Justice, there are over a million burglaries in the United States each year. Here are seven tips to help you improve your home security and protect your family and possessions.

Install Security Cameras to Improve Home Security

Security cameras are a great way to keep an eye on your property and be alerted to suspicious activity. Whether they’re placed outdoors or indoors, security cameras can provide you with the peace of mind of being able to monitor your home remotely. 

Security Lights

Motion-activated security lights are an excellent way to protect your home from burglary. They’re typically installed near your door, driveway, or any entrances for your home or storage buildings. They use motion sensors to detect movement and turn on automatically. The bright light can help you keep an eye on your property and make it more difficult for people to approach your home without being noticed.

Keep Your Windows Covered to Improve Home Security

Keeping your windows covered with curtains or blinds can help make it more difficult for potential burglars to see into your home. Keep your valuables out of sight so burglars are less likely to view your home as an opportunity.

Secure Your Doors

Your front and back doors are vulnerable to home invasions. Investing in a quality door lock will give you peace of mind. You can install deadbolt locks and bolster your door frame with steel reinforcements to make unwanted entry more difficult.

Improve Home Security With a Security System

Installing a security system can help you monitor your home at all times. Most systems include detectors, such as door and window sensors, to alert you when someone has entered your property. Consider systems that automatically alert the authorities if they detect unwanted entry or dangerous situations like fire or unsafe carbon monoxide levels.

Don’t Advertise Your Plans

Don’t give burglars a heads-up on your vacation plans or travel dates. Leaving a message on your answering machine or social media reveals your absence to everyone. Instead, notify your close friends and family and ask them to look after your home while you are away.

Make Your House Appear Occupied

An empty house can signal burglars that they have an easy target. Making it appear as if someone is in your home is an excellent way to deter someone from breaking in. Keep lights on timers and ask a friend or neighbor to pick up your mail and newspaper so they don’t stack up while you’re away.

Security is an integral part of protecting a home. From installing security cameras to reinforcing your doors, there are many steps you can take to make sure your home remains safe and secure. Taking the time to prioritize your security will give you peace of mind and help ensure you have the best protection possible.

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