First impressions matter, and what your home looks like from the outside paints a picture of how it has been maintained. Keeping the exterior of your house clean makes a good impression on visitors and prospective buyers. Whether you’re looking to attract buyers or just boost your home’s appearance, here are simple and inexpensive ways to improve curb appeal.

Paint the Front Door to Improve Curb Appeal

The door is one of the first things a visitor to your home notices. Painting the door is a way to quickly and cost-effectively improve curb appeal. Choose a bright color that makes your home stand out, or select a neutral shade for a classic and subtle look. While enhancing the door, replace outdated doorknobs and handles, and get a new doormat.

Add Exterior Lighting

A poorly light home feels uninviting after dark. Boost curb appeal with outdoor lighting. Add solar-powered lights to line the walkway and front porch. Clean the globes of the porch lights and install brighter LED bulbs. You’ll improve the appearance of your home and enhance security.

Update the Mailbox

Swap out an old, outdated mailbox for a new one that complements the home’s exterior. Alternatively, clean your mailbox thoroughly and give it a fresh coat of paint.

Maintain the Lawn to Improve Curb Appeal

A well-manicured lawn instantly improves curb appeal. Regularly mow, water the grass, and remove weeds to keep the property attractive. Add mulch in flower beds to suppress weed growth and help the soil retain its moisture. If you don’t have time, hire a landscaping company to maintain the lawn.

Improve the Garage Door

Like the front door, the garage door also draws much attention. If your garage door is faded or outdated, revamp it with a fresh coat of paint and new handles. If it’s seen better days, purchase and install a new garage door.

Upgrade House Numbers

Your house number helps visitors locate the property. Swap out older numbers for attractive and modern new ones. Make sure the numbers are easy to see so a guest can quickly identify the house from the street.

Improve the Fencing to Boost Curb Appeal

Most fences are for practical purposes, such as boosting security, enhancing privacy, creating boundaries, and containing pets and children. In addition to being functional, fencing affects how the property looks. Repair damaged sections of the fence and paint it if needed to improve curb appeal.

Improving curb appeal doesn’t have to be costly or time-consuming. Set aside a weekend or two to tackle these tasks, and you’ll be well on the way to a welcoming and attractive home.

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