Fall is the time of the year when homeowners think about preparing their property for winter. The hot temperatures of summer have turned into cooler autumn weather. With milder temperatures, many people choose to improve their homes with a few updates. If you want to boost your home’s appeal and increase its value, here are a few fall home improvement projects.

Repair the Roof

Storms and rainy weather are common during the fall season and might lead to water intrusion if your roof is damaged. Roof leaks can cause mildew and mold and structural damage. Access the attic and use a flashlight to look for water stains or where sunlight is coming through the roof deck. You may find areas of the roof that need attention. Use roofing cement to seal up small holes or hire a professional to fix larger gaps or cracks to prevent water damage.

One of the Easiest Fall Home Improvement Projects: Repaint the Front Door

Make your home stand out in the neighborhood by repainting your front door with a fresh, bold color. With new paint, the entryway becomes the main focal point of the property. Choose a shade that complements your home’s color scheme and style.

Replace the Windows

One of the best fall home improvement projects is to replace your windows. New, energy-efficient windows improve the look of your house and you’ll also save on your power bill. Opt for double- or triple-pane windows, which help prevent cool air from transferring into the building during the colder seasons. Replacing the windows is a worthy investment that boosts your property value and will pay off in the future.

Clean the Rain Gutters

Remove leaves and debris that have accumulated in your rain gutters throughout the season. Cleaning out the rain gutters is one of the most important fall home improvement projects because clean gutters help direct rain off of the roof and away from your home’s siding and foundation.

Power-Washing the House is a Rewarding Fall Home Improvement Project

Over time, the exterior of the house will become dirty due to exposure to the elements. Power-wash the exterior to remove dirt and grime. The paint or siding will look new again and you’ll improve the curb appeal of your property. If you decide to do the work yourself, take care not to power wash the windows or near the roof where shingles can become dislodged.

With a few fall home improvements, you create an attractive and appealing home. Not only will these projects boost your property value, but they will create a more comfortable home environment.

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