As winter approaches and temperatures drop, you may wonder how to reduce your power bills. Everyone wants to save money wherever possible, especially during the winter when energy costs can skyrocket. You can take some easy steps to cut your energy costs this winter without sacrificing comfort. Read on for a few tips to help you save money this season.

Check for Drafts and Insulate Your Home

The first step in reducing energy costs is ensuring your home is adequately insulated. Look for drafts around windows and doors and seal them with weatherstripping or caulk as needed.

If you have an attic, make sure it is appropriately insulated as well; adding extra layers of insulation can help keep the cold air out and the warm air in, helping you save a lot of money over the winter months.

Use Energy-Efficient Lightbulbs to Cut Your Energy Costs

Replacing traditional incandescent bulbs with LED light bulbs is one of the easiest ways to save on your monthly energy bill. LEDs use up to 80% less energy than their traditional counterparts, so replacing all of your bulbs can mean significant savings. LEDs last much longer than other lightbulbs, so you won’t have to replace them nearly as often.

Unplug Unused Electronics

Even when electronics are off, many still use electricity if plugged into an outlet. Unplugging unused devices or appliances (or putting them on a power strip that you can easily switch off) can help keep costs down. Make sure all phone and laptop chargers are unplugged as soon as the device is charged.

Lower the Water Heater Temperature

Most water heaters are set at 140 degrees Fahrenheit by default, but many people find that setting the temperature lower (around 120 degrees) works well and saves money on the monthly bills. Just be sure not to go below 110 degrees Fahrenheit, which may cause bacteria buildup in pipes and tanks.

Use Cold Water Whenever Possible to Cut Your Energy Costs

Use cold water instead of hot whenever possible for household chores; 90% of the cost associated with washing clothes comes from heating the water rather than running the cycle itself. A simple change will make a difference in your energy costs over time, so keep it in mind when doing laundry throughout the winter months.

With these simple tips, you’ll reduce your power bills this winter without sacrificing comfort or convenience. From checking for drafts and insulating areas around windows and doors to using cold water whenever possible and switching out older incandescent bulbs for LED bulbs, homeowners can cut down their energy costs through the colder months ahead, all while keeping cozy indoors.

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