Preserving Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring is sought after by homebuyers thanks to its timeless beauty and durability. However, there are some specific rules that you must follow as you care for hardwood floors at your house. Here is what you need to know about cleaning and maintaining your flooring without doing any damage.

Choose the Right Tools to Care for Hardwood Floors

Using the right equipment to care for hardwood floors is essential to ensure that you stay on top of crumbs, dirt, and dust that can accumulate in the gaps between boards and wood grain. As part of your cleaning routine, you should use:

  • A soft-bristled broom daily to sweep up large debris and crumbs
  • A vacuum with a soft brush or nozzle to suck up dust and debris that might be settling into the wood grain and unable to come up with a broom
  • A damp cloth and wood-friendly cleaner to remove any food debris or sticky debris resting on the surface
  • A slightly damp microfiber mop and wood cleaner once a month to clean the surface.

Never Let Moisture Sit

Moisture is the enemy of any wood surface, as it can make wood expand or contract. If you spill something on the floor, you should clean it up as quickly as possible using a dry microfiber cloth. Avoid mopping, as a mop will introduce more moisture to the wood and lead to cracking or gapping over time. Putting in a little extra effort to care for hardwood floors can dramatically extend their lifespan when spills occur.

Don’t Use the Wrong Cleaning Products

Clean hardwood floors only with wood-safe cleaners made for this type of surface. Avoid using multi-purpose cleaners, as they are often too harsh on hardwood flooring. Never use DIY cleaners like vinegar or baking soda-based solutions.

If you are not sure how to care for hardwood floors at your house correctly with wood cleaning products, check with the company that installed your flooring to learn more about their maintenance recommendations.

Care for Your Hardwood Floors by Taking Your Shoes Off

The finish of your hardwood floors helps keep them attractive and protects the wood itself from damage. As you care for hardwood floors, make sure that you avoid wearing shoes or tracking anything abrasive across the flooring. Gravel, dirt, and debris act the same as grit on sandpaper by wearing off the finish, which will prematurely age your floors.

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