Home inspections usually take place when buying or selling homes that have been lived in before. However, you should still get a builder’s warranty inspection after you’ve moved into a newly constructed home. Requesting this inspection before your builder’s warranty expires is a way to avoid the common mistakes many buyers of new construction make.

How You Can Benefit From Requesting a Builder’s Warranty Inspection

Many homebuyers prefer purchasing newly built houses mainly because they have yet to experience any wear and tear. They also offer more flexibility in terms of customizing features, materials, and layout.

As a new homeowner, you should practice due diligence by making the most of your builder’s one-year warranty. Most reputable builders offer standard one-year warranties meant to cover homeowners against any damages associated with the home building process.

Even though overlooked by many inexperienced homebuyers, this inspection has its fair share of benefits to offer. Here are three reasons why you should order a builder’s warranty inspection.

1. Your Builder’s Warranty Only Covers You for One Year

While the process of constructing your home may seem slow, your first year living there will fly by. Reputable builders provide warranties that cover specific elements of a new home. The only downside to these warranties is that they typically last for 12 months only.

This inspection is your last chance to request for the builder to fix any issues related to their construction process free of charge. As soon the first year is done, you will bear the full cost of repairing any issues. Therefore, make the right decision by requesting an inspection that could reveal necessary repairs and prevent inconveniences and expenses in the future.

2. A Builder’s Warranty Inspection Can Save You Money

Hiring a home inspector is affordable, especially compared to how much money you spent on buying your new home. Requesting an inspection can help you save money by avoiding repair costs in the future. Having your new home inspected before moving in is not sufficient since issues often arise months after living in your new home.

Discover any problems within the first year to avoid incurring expenses down the road. If the inspector identifies any problems during the assessment, it is the responsibility of the builder to fix them as long as they are covered by the warranty.

3. To Boost Your Profitability in a Future Sale

The condition of a home greatly determines its market value. If your home has structural issues resulting from the construction process, you risk losing a huge chunk of its resale potential. A warranty inspection can uncover such issues and help you solve them early enough, retaining your home’s market value if you ever contemplate selling your home.

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