Sample Report

When you click to view my sample report, you will get to see how I will inspect your home, the way I report on my additional services and how your reports will look. The report reflects that I am not just inspecting the home for issues that need attention, but also educating you on some of the components within the home.  Inspect it Neil is there to answer ANY questions, for the only wrong question is the question that you do not ask.

Inspect It Neil uses Home Gauge service to deliver you, your agent and your attorney the reports over the internet.  These reports are easy to view and can be forwarded to whomever you wish.  Typically I will send 3 links of the report; 1) INSPECTION REPORT: this is the complete report with pictures, issues and information   2) SUMMARY WITH PICTURES: this report will contain only the issues that are deemed important that need attention with the same pictures that are in the Inspection Report  3) SUMMARY: this report will contain ONLY the text that is found in the 2nd report. I send you the 2 links because the agents and attorneys typically want the issues that need attention and also when they need to forward that to the sellers, it makes it easier for all the parties. If there is an issue in the body of the Inspection Report that you or your attorney deem important to be in the summary, it is as easy as the click of the mouse to add to the summary.


Neil Kipnis


Please click here to view the sample INSPECTION REPORT

Please click here to view the sample GENERAL SUMMARY with PICTURE

Please click here to view the sample GENERAL SUMMARY