QUESTIONS to compare

When a potential client calls for information, so many ask as the first question “HOW MUCH”. With a purchase that is one of the largest that you will make in a life time, is this the correct first question?  I have added this link to help give you other questions to ask. My answers to these questions are in red. Once you have the answers from other inspectors and the costs of the inspections, than consider which Home Inspector best meets your needs. First, ask yourself what kind of home inspection you want. Do you want someone to inspect your home at the current state standards or do you want a THROUGH home inspection that will exceed the standards set by the State of New Jersey and ASHI.

1)    What Home Inspector organization does the inspector belong to??

a.    I am a member of New Jersey Southern ASHI and am also a member of the executive board of that chapter.

b.    An ASHI Certified Inspector has obtained that certifaction after a review by an independant third party. Other inspector organizations will give their inspectors that certifaction when they pay their dues.  

2)   Does the Home Inspector offer additional services with the inspection and if they do, what are those services?

a.    THERMAL IMAGING: Inspect It Neil offers as an additional service, Thermal Imagaing. This service will detect a temperature differential within the home that is not visible and/or accessible. For more information on this service, please click on that link.

b.    RADON TESTS: Most Inspectors offer just the basic charcoal canister. Inspect It Neil offers its clients an option between the canister and a Continuing Radon Computer Monitor.

c.    STUCCO EVALUATION: Inspect It Neil has a moisture meter that is specifically used for the detection and evaluation of stucco siding.

d.    AIR QUALITY SAMPLES: These samples will help you evaluate the air within the home for mold spores and mold on the wall. I also can offer you a test for allergenics within the home. Inspect It Neil gives you the option, both at the time you make the appointment or at the time the inspection is done. This will allow you to save hundreds of dollars if these tested are deemed necessary and will avoid the delay in time to have these tests performed.

e.    SWIMMING POOL: Inspect It Neil offers inspections of your swimming pool during the time of the home inspection.

3)    Does the Home Inspector exceed the standards set by the State of New Jersey and also by ASHI?

a.    I fill bathroom sinks with water to make sure that the overflows in the sinks are not clogged and/or leaking. 

b.   I use a 21 foot aerial roof scanner at no addtional charge.  This will detect defects that were otherwise go undetected by most inspectors.  In a recent inspection, I found “3” BALLS in the gutter system around the home. Without this tool, they would have gone unnoticed. 

c.    I check the bathroom exhaust fans with a piece of toilet paper to make sure they have proper suction. Just because you hear the fan, that does not mean they work properly.

d.    I will fill a tile shower tray with water when that tray is above a room. This will reveal leaks in the tray and also leaks from the drain

e.    I will not only check all the GFCI outlets within the home, but I will inform you within the report where those outlets trip.

f.    The only wrong question is the question you do not ask. I spend the time to talk to my clients and will answer any of the questions you have. This is one the largest purchases you will make in your lifetime, so you deserve to have the answers to all your questions.

g.   My inspection report will not only report the defects of the home I am inspecting, but will be a owners guide to that home.  That report will also explain the operation, function and location of many of the components in the home I am inspecting.

4)    Compare the inspection reports!!

a.    As a link on my website are some samples “SAMPLE REPORT”  of the reports that my clients receive. I send all 3 of these reports to all my clients. 

b.   I ask you to PLEASE read the Testimonals from my site and also search for others online.  Compare mine and those of other home inspectors.

5)     Length of inspections?

a.     A Condo inspection will be 2 hours or longer

b.     A Townhouse inspection will be 2.5 hours or longer

c.      A Home inspection will be 3 hours or longer

6)    Price

a.    Please look at my link “SCHEDULE APPT” for the prices of my services and available dates and times for your inspection. I make the list of my services and costs of those services PUBLIC. 

b.    Ask yourself, do want someone to inspect you house or do you want a through Home Inspection?


With the questions listed above and the questions that you feel are important, you will be able to find a Home inspector that best fits your needs.  If there are any other questions that you wish to ask me, please feel free to call or email me..