Our Promise

img_0506.jpgChoosing the best home inspector can be a very confusing and a very hard decision. Selecting the correct home inspector should not be done by cost alone.  If you were offered a first class seat on your next flight at the same price as coach, would you turn the offer down? I am offering you that FIRST CLASS home inspection for no more than others will offer you a average home inspection. Since the home you are looking to have inspected is probably the most expensive purchase you make in a lifetime, do not settle for nothing but the best.

I promise that I will treat your potential new home as if I was inspecting it for one of my own children. I want you to have peace of mind with your new purchase. I will be available to answer any questions during the inspection, after the inspection or at any time in the future. The only wrong question, is the question that you didn’t ask. If I am unable to answer your question, I will direct you to the proper source or I will do everything in my power to obtain the correct answer. I bring state of the art equipment to all my inspections and am ready to use what ever services are needed. I am one of the very few that uses (and or has) an aerial roof scanner. This tool is included in all my inspections at no extra charge and will find defects that most inspectors miss.  Why settle for nothing but the best in your inspection and report. This I promise to you.

Thank You,

Neil Kipnis (Inspector) 
NJ Home Inspector Lic#: 24GI00091600