Home Inspections Done Right!

Inspections Done to the Next Level


Why Hire Me For Your Home Inspection?

I put my 30 years of experience in the real estate industry to work for you. As an ASHI Certified Inspector, you can be sure that your inspection will be done right.

When searching for a Home Inspector look at the link “Questions to Compare“..




  • Available 7 days a week for your home inspection 
  • I promise to give you a report that will both inform you of the issues found at the home inspected and also educate you about some of the components in that home.
  • THERMAL IMAGING – I use a state of the art FLIR B50 Infrared Camera. I am one of the few home inspectors that is a certified Thermographer.  Ask how this can add value to your home inspection.
  • STUCCO EVALUATION – I use a state of the art Tramex Wet Wall Moisture Meter to evaluate those homes that have a stucco exterior.
  • AERIAL SCANNER – I am one of the only Home Inspectors in the State that uses (or has) this 21 foot aerial scannner.  This enables me to inspect in the gutter system and areas of the roof that others are unable to inspect.
  • AIR QUALITY TESTS – I offer as an additional service, air tests that will report on the air spores in the home, cotton swab tests to evaluate wall stains that may be mold  and allergenic tests.
  • RADON TEST – I offer my clients the option on the kind of Radon test that best suits their needs.  I use the basic charcoal canister and also offer the Continuing Radon Computer Monitor.
  • All inspections and reports are done in a professional and unbias manor.
  • You will receive an inspection report with many pictures, a summary report and a summary report with pictures.
  • SELLERS – A Pre-Inspection can help you identify and correct problems before selling your home
  • Reports are uploaded to a secure site on the internet.  You will receive the link, login and password by email so you can view and print the report.  A separate link will be sent to your attorney and/or agent, if you so request, this makes it quick and easy for all parties to have the report with no delays.
  • FREE 90 day Home Warranty. This offer is through Residential Warranty Services.  (terms and conditions apply to this offer – please inquire)
  • RECALL CHECK – A free service that will inform you if some of the components are on a recall list that have been inspected.  This service will be available to you even after the inspection and will not cost you anything to maintain. This is over a $75.00 free service.
  • Rewards program included to most clients that offers LOWE’S coupons worth up to $500.00 in savings
  • GAS LEAK INSPECTION: This is a free service that is done at all inspection that use natural gas around the water heater and heating unit.
  • Wood Destroying Insect Inspection (termite) and/or Radon Inspection available at an additional charge.


springhouse.00.jpgMy Qualifications

  • NJ Home Inspection Lic # 24GI00091600
  • NJ Radon Technician Lic # MET12631
  • Certified Infrared Thermographer (Level-1 #7671)
  • Fully insured and bonded as a New Jersey Home Inspector and Radon Technician
  • ASHI Certified Home Inspector (#249320)
  • Board Member of Southern NJ ASHI
  • Board Member of New Jersey Association of Home Inspectors
  • Approved Mentor for future Home Inspectors
  • Accredited Business Member of the BBB


artsandcrafts.00.jpgDear Buyer/Seller,
If you are searching for a home inspector like the kind seen on HGTV, than you need not search anymore, I understand that you have many choices. Home inspectors are all not the same, and to select an inspector by cost alone can cost you more at the end. Ask yourself, do you want a Home Inspection done the way Mike Holmes would like (of Holmes on Homes) or do you want the inspection he complains about. Most Home Inspectors do their inspections to the State standards, I exceed those standards to give you an inspection to the next level.  Choosing the right inspector could mean the difference between finding hundreds or even thousands of dollars in problems — or not finding them at all. That is why I would like to explain to you why I am your best choice as your home inspector. Please review the link “QUESTION to compare” to help select your Home Inspector. “The only wrong question, is the question you do not ask!!” I realize that this home, or building, you are inspecting is a huge investment, and it is my job to do my best to protect you and to inform you of major defects that may lie inside the home I am inspecting. My goal is to be prepared when I arrive at the home and to be proud to represent you. I will record all my findings for you, help you understand the implications of the findings, and direct you as necessary to a corrective resolution. My report is computer generated with digital pictures, and arrows pointing to any problems. The report is clear and easy to understand. I will make every effort to discover and report any areas of concern to you. After you review your report, you will feel confident that I was thorough and had your best interest in mind. For personalized service, please call me now to schedule an appointment, or go to my online calendar and schedule an appointment at your convenience.I bring your home inspection to the next level with more equipment than most other inspectors.  This is so I am prepared to give those needed addtional services so you need not wait for the answers needed to make the proper decisions.I was asked in June of 2012 to attend a meeting in Chicago of 12 Home Inspectors from the United States to review the type of questions on the test for future Home Inspectors.  I was the only Home Inspector at this meeting from the Tristate area. Other Inspectors were from Washington State, Boston, Phoenix, Atlanta, Chicago, Florida to name a few.Why settle for nothing but the best. My testimonials will confirm.  Contact me for more information today.

Thank You
Neil Kipnis